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SEO Myths by Matt Cutt’s

Matt Cutt's

So, Matt Cutt’s is the front man for Google’s search quality team and who you will see appearing in lots of YouTube videos, conferences, and webinars and so on.

SEO Myths

1 – Google doesn’t make algorithm changes so that more and more people buy Google ads

Now, when Google released the algorithm update termed Penguin which affects the organic results, their revenue seen a sharp increase. Presumably from Pay Per Click (PPC) ads i.e. Adwords. However, Google say that algorithm updates are simply to create the best results for its users and so that they receive a good experience…you decide.

2 – SEO Services are no use – people are just trying to take your money

Erm…an interesting one. Matt recently said in a YouTube question and answer session that people who say they have made a tonne of money from SEO would likely keep the ‘how they did it’ to themselves and not sell it. Insinuating that the obviously don’t know what they are doing and therefore package SEO and sell it to people that don’t know anything about SEO. There are plenty of people out there who achieve great results in the search engine results positions and can prove it by way of client testimonials. For example, this SEO Services Glasgow Opens in a new window company called SEOHello is one.

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